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My newest body of work contemplates what we as a species choose to memorialize. The pieces collected here are based on relics from the ancient near east, cultures such as Sumer and Babylon. Like in many cultures these forms originally exalted the deeds of gods and kings. What you don’t often find though, are monuments to the intellectuals who were actually responsible, both literally and metaphorically, for building their cultures. So I’ve taken their forms and repurposed them to honor and celebrate the foundations of math that enabled them to build their civilizations. The dedications on these works were all taken from Euclid’s Elements. Elements is an ancient text teaching the fundamentals of math, especially geometry, so logically and concisely that it has been in use for 23 centuries. Only one book in history has more editions. Since it is probably impossible to overstate the influence of Elements not only on math, but on all of civilization, I thought it a fitting place to start memorializing the true driving forces of culture.
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